We moved our blog…

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We have moved our blog, please follow the link to the right to our new blog site.  Thanks!


May 2010

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Boy, a lot has happened since our last blog, but as our pictures can attest, we have been busy seeing the sites and enjoying life.
Raun is still studying hard hoping it will all come to an end soon, Lori is doing well and we are expecting another GIRL! Raun is hopelessly outnumbered in our house.  Emily and Rachel are both growing up so smart and happy. 
We are probably expecting some changes in our life soon (besides the new baby), but we will let you know when that happens.  In  the meantime, enjoy some pictures of what we have done recently!

Birthday time again!

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Birthdays, birthdays all around!  We are all another year older (except Rachel who is only one year old, period) and enjoying our time in Monterey.  It looks like we will be here a bit longer, like, maybe next June, but we don’t mind.
Our family is doing well and loving life.  Summer in Monterey isn’t the warmest (and always a bit foggy), but it’s still nice.  We are looking forward to traveling to SLC for Christmas to see the family, but that is still a long ways away.  Lori and the girls will be out of town next week to visit Pennsylvania for a wedding and to see family–they are very excited about it.  Overall, life is good!

By the way, check out our newly-posted pictures!

Disneyland 2009

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Well, we took advantage of the opportunity and went to Disneyland.  Ruth came with us and so did Jordan, so we had some help with the kids and everyone got to do stuff.  On the way down, we took the long way along Highway 1 (which is amazingly beautiful) and even though it took much longer, it was worth it.  Jordan met us down there and we spent three days doing everything we could to do as much as we could at both parks (Disneyland and California Adventure).  Those fast passes really came in handy…it seemed like we always had a bunch to use and the fast pass lines are much more manageable. 
Emily’s favorite part was Fantasy Land and she had the opportunity to meet Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora), her favorite princess; and Tinkerbell, her second favorite.  Mawmaw bought Emily a princess dress which she ran around in as much as she could.  She loved it.  Emily really has a "princessy" personality.  Of the rides she liked the "Horsy ride" (the Carousel), the "Elephant ride" (Dumbo) and the train; while Lori’s favorite ride was California Screamin’ and Space Mountain; Raun liked all of those too, including the Tower of Terror.  We feel that in three days we saw just about everything we needed or wanted to see.  I don’t know how you could do it in less time if you hadn’t ever been there before (I guess if you didn’t have kids it would go faster, but the kids’ expressions of joy and excitement are the point of going!).  Overall, it was a great trip.

March 2009

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Like always, we have been busy… not much to show for it though.  We still do all the usual, play at the park, study hard learning Chinese, and many other daily time consuming activities such as eating and bathing and sleeping and laundry, but our family is still growing up nice.

Rachel is officially crawling and likes to get into everything she can, as often as she can.  She upgraded to baby food and easily gummed up food items, but I still see her as our little baby.  Still no teeth yet, but Emily was over a year before she sprouted teeth, so I’m not too worried.  Rachel did upgrade car seats though and smiles big every time we strap her in.  I think she thinks she is all grown up now in a car seat like Emily’s.  Rachel is already 18 pounds!

Emily is such a good big sister.  She is really good with Rachel and loves to give her hugs and drag her away from items she shouldn’t be getting into.  Emily did panic the first time we gave Rachel food though, because we had told her that because Rachel didn’t have any teeth she couldn’t eat any food.  Telling her this prevented Emily from sharing things like raisins and pretzels with Rachel that might choke her.  We had to explain that because there was a baby on the package it was food meant specifically for babies and so by default it was ok to feed her.   

Our family is happy and healthy – and those are the important things.  

Ah, we are slackers…

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Yes, it is true.  It has been more than three months since we posted new pictures.  We just got involved with facebook and found it to be very addicting.  Let’s see if we can re-cap everything that has gone on in the last little while.  


Potty Training went well.  We mastered this in November and then had a spell of accidents and relentless crying which really was a UTI for Emily.  That was no fun, but the doctor got her all fixed up again and Lori couldn’t be happier!  Secretly she likes changing diapers about as much as Raun does, which isn’t much at all.  So this toilet thing makes her smile inside.  Now we just need to work on it with Rachel…


Thanksgiving was fun.  It was just the four of us so we decided to only bake up a Cornish game hen instead of a huge turkey.  It was really nice.  We are teaching Emily to say prayers all on her own and she is surprisingly good with beginning and thanking and ending a prayer, but needs some more work on asking for things.  She tells Heavenly Father that she is thankful for her family, and she is thankful for her binky and so on… it is pretty cute I do say so myself.


Christmas was really exciting because this is the first year that Emily really had a clue what was going on.  She asked Santa for a toothbrush, chap-stick and a magnifying glass.  He came through for her and she got a few extra things too.  Rachel didn’t have a clue what was going on, and just laid there looking in awe while Emily ran circles around her in excitement.  


Emily moved up into Senior Nursery at church.  She is a good little girl for the most part; she just has a lot of energy.  We keep her busy during the week by going to story time at the library and taking walks around the neighborhood and frequenting the play ground.  


Rachel is becoming more active.  She sits up now unsupported and rolls and scoots backwards.  Not forward yet, but that will come with time.  Unlike Emily at Rachel’s age – everything goes into Rachel’s mouth.  When Rachel gets excited her mouth gaps open as wide as it could possibly go.  She has a smile, but this is way beyond a smile and we jokingly call her a sardine because of it.  Rachel does have one of the cutest smiles and we may have to beat off the boys when she gets to junior and senior high school.  We think she looks exactly like Emily did at that age only with slightly darker hair.  


Raun is tolerating school, but is looking forward to being done.  (“Turkeys are done; People are finished” as Emily would say)  He is looking forward to a class break coming up in a few more months.  Disneyland anyone?!


Lori tries her best not to lose her mind during the day.  She was so excited for Emily to learn to talk a while back and now she NEVER stops talking.  Getting alone time is a joke because even when she thinks she is safely locked away in the bathroom by herself – little fingers start to poke out from under the door at her and then the knocking starts and then the inevitable “Mommy – let me in, too!”

Halloween 2008

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October has turned out to be quite busy in our family.  MaMa was able to fly in and visit.  We Blessed Rachel at church and Raun was able to give her a name and a blessing.  Lori’s grandfolk celebrated their 59th year of marriage – YEA!  Raun and Lori got to attend the Air Force Military Ball, which by the way had a FABULOUS dinner and a rather disappointing dessert.  Lori finally finished her first quilt.  And we have spent a good amount of time supporting California’s Prop 8 for the upcoming election.


Rachel is doing well and growing like a weed.  She is well mannered and is trying to talk to us, but all we understand so far sound like gurgles and coos. 


Emily decided this Halloween thing is right up her alley.  This was a fascinating concept that people just hand out candy to kids dressed up in costumes.  We did the Trunk or Treat thing at the church Wednesday night and then the house to house thing around our block Friday night.  There was an obscene amount of kids trick or treating in our neighborhood and we were completely out of candy at our house in under a half hour.  We felt bad, but when we were out, we were out.  We have a sneaking suspicion that parents from other areas must bring their kids to our neighborhood to trick or treat because:

1. I have never seen that many kids around here

2. The houses are pretty close together so you can get a lot of them in a short amount of time

3. It is a pretty safe area

4. I have never seen that many kids around here. 


Lori, as stated above, finished her first quilt.  She has dabbled on a few others, but this is her first completely done quilt.  It was for her Uncle and Aunt’s anniversary.  She didn’t get it done quite in time, but close enough.  It had matching pillow cases and they said they loved it, so it made Lori feel all good and squishy inside.


Raun is doing well with his studies so far – but we are nearing the end of semester 1, and starting semester 2 it is supposed to get a lot harder. 


So as you probably know, we are LDS.  For the most part the church stays out of the political spectrum.  They just advise us to study up on the issues and candidates and do what you think is right.  This year four states have on the ballot propositions for gay marriage, and the prophet had come out and said, we need to do all we can so the sanctity of marriage is protected, so that is how we have been spending several evenings and weekends lately.  So if you live in California, VOTE YES ON PROP 8.  Opponents believe that it is only about love and the freedom to express that love… but if they would do a little more research on that matter they would see that if 8 does not pass, the rest of the populous will lose a lot of our freedoms too.  Gay marriage will be taught in schools (it already is in Boston and San Francisco to kids as young as first grade), Churches will be sued if they do not allow gay marriages, many churches will lose their tax exemptions, doctors will be sued if they are asked to perform invetro for a gay couple, even if they feel it goes against their personal beliefs and morals, and even if there are other doctors willing to do it… if they refuse, they could be sued.  All I can say is there is a difference between tolerance and forced acceptance.  Personally we do not want our kids exposed to this and taught that being gay is good.  This country was founded on Religious Freedoms, and now that is being taken away.  I have rights too. 

 Whatever your opinion, if you vote McCain or Obama, just be sure to vote.